Here is how it all began:

A dark haired girl of eight had a love for words. At first she

didn't understand it much. For a time she tried to live as

others do. But the words kept poking her when no one else

was looking. 

By the time that girl became a woman, she decided the only

thing left to do was, 
give in.

Please no holiday, birthday or magic stories. 

I maintain the right to refuse any manuscript.

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   I am a multi-published author and teacher of 44 years. I have critiqued 

hundreds of manuscripts.

   My area of expertise is with rhyming picture book manuscripts, though I am 

open to non-rhyming.

   My rhyming critique includes: A rhythm and meter scansion, wording 

suggestions and an audio recording.

   Non-rhyming critique includes: Beginnings and the hook. Plot and character 

arc. Darkest moment, climax and ending. Showing versus telling. 

  • All manuscripts $25.00

I offer a complete money back guarantee if not fully satisfied.

Send me a note from the contact form to the left. Or click on the 

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